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Storage and Packaging
Space is a problem for every business which is why we can offer a collection and storage service as well as a pick and pack service that can be carried out as required. SFM are based in a business complex which is equipped with night vision cameras plus twenty four hour on site manned security. One of the services we provide consists of collection from your premises or supplier and hold you product in one of our storage facilities. On your request we can pick items and deliver directly to your client, this is perfect solution for companies who need to hold a great deal of stock but do not have enough of their own storage capacity to meet their demands. Our warehouse staff will make sure that your goods are secure and that any stock rotation will be completed in the parameters required. The pick and pack service is an option we have developed also for those companies who want to eliminate a despatch process of their own freeing up not only valuable working space but also reducing expensive human resources .
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